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Owner/ Lead Facilitator

Solise is the Co-Owner of A Concrete Rose Book Bar Co., and Creative Chief Officer and Head Choreographer of Speak to my Soul. Solise has choreographed theatrical plays such as Speak to My Soul: A Montage of Voices and Purple Cries for Blue Skies. Solise is a creative director and can also be seen in Marsha Ambrosius video, 90's Love. Being no stranger to dance Solise found a beautiful passion in dance fitness.

Solise is a passionate artist who loves and believes dancing is therapeutic to the soul. She created Soul Kharisma Dance Fitness, movement with meaning, a high-energy dance workout to Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae, Afrobeat, Soca, and Caribbean music. Through Soul Kharisma Dance Fitness she successfully merged wellness with a fun cultural experience.



Assistant Facilitator

Maria Lane is a paralegal in Harrisburg, PA who believes that dancing is not just a workout, it is also the best form of stress relief. Maria has a passion for all things legal, but on the side, she enjoys teaching African dance and performing. Maria's passion for African dancing started when she was seven years old. Maria also enjoys learning other types of dances that are out of her comfort zone while getting in shape. Dancing is not just a passion, it's a lifestyle!

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