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Owner/ Lead Facilitator

Solise is the Co-Owner of A Concrete Rose Book Bar Co., and Creative Chief Officer and Head Choreographer of Speak to my Soul. Solise has choreographed theatrical plays such as Speak to My Soul: A Montage of Voices and Purple Cries for Blue Skies. Solise is a creative director and can also be seen in Marsha Ambrosius video, 90's Love. Being no stranger to dance Solise found a beautiful passion in dance fitness.

Solise is a passionate artist who loves and believes dancing is therapeutic to the soul. She created Soul Kharisma Dance Fitness, movement with meaning, a high-energy dance workout to Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae, Afrobeat, Soca, and Caribbean music. Through Soul Kharisma Dance Fitness she successfully merged wellness with a fun cultural experience.

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