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Community Love and Support

In order to continue our work for the community, Soul Kharisma is dependant on funding and donations, many of which come from our loyal supporters. We’d be grateful if you would consider taking part and contributing towards further establishing our brand. Donations will help us with trainings, certifications and larger venues to host more events. If you would like to learn more about donating, please get in touch with a member of our team.


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As you aware I am on a journey to heal myself from the inside out. I was already working on healing from past trauma and breaking cycles through therapy. Yes therapy helped me with certain things but I always felt like I needed something else to heal not only my mind but my body and soul. While recovering from my tonsillectomy I had a lot of time to relax mentally and reflect because I wasn't able to talk. During this time I reflected on my life and how it is changing and how I want to embrace this incredible change. With all that is ahead of me I wanted to make sure I am well prepared and aligned with my goals. I started looking into wellness retreats and how it can help me find clarity from within.

Growing up I always struggled with my weight and knew that I needed to do something to stay healthy and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I tried gyms and fitness classes but it seemed as though something was missing for me. I started dancing and moving my body to different types of music and realized how much of a workout dancing really is. Although dancing isn't your "traditional" workout but for me it was the feeling that I felt after dancing. I knew I wanted to share this feeling with others so I started Soul Kharisma Dance Fitness.

Soul Kharisma Dance Fitness brings people of different races and ethnicity together through dance and Fitness. I wanted all who came to feel comfortable, valued, uplifted, empowered and seen. Soul Kharisma Dance Fitness is my baby and seeing my vision come to life is not only a dream come true but seeing how it helps my participants in their everyday life means the world to me. They are constantly thanking me for bringing something that was much needed to our community and I want to continue to put back. Soul Kharisma Dance Fitness wellness program pushed me to look and dig deeper into wellness as a whole. While on my mental journey I knew I wanted to align my body and soul. I started looking into different wellness retreats and stumbled across CIVANA.

CIVANA Wellness Resort & Spa provides you with the tools to help balance, eat healthy, and personalize my journey. CIVANA provides a variety of yoga, meditation and fitness classes. CIVANA is a moment for me to pause, which is so hard to do, and focus on my mind, body and soul. 

I am here because unfortunately, I am not there financial and I need assistance. As you pour into me I will pour into you. Meaning, what I learn and receive on this retreat will pour back into my community. I will incorporate it in my daily life in hopes it speaks to your soul as well. 

Some may ask what happens if you don’t reach your goal. I will match what I receive. Receiving the whole funds is the goal but I am so appreciative of anything and I will make it work because this is what I’m destined to do. With being close to the opening A Concrete Rose I am aiming to take this trip in April no later than mid May.


Thank you so much for believing in me. I greatly appreciate you. 

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